Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where have you been?!

Well, since my last post much has happened. I have started a new job... The holidays… As well as, some birthdays in between. In addition, I fried a $1200 computer. :( It was my main computer that I store everything on too! And, by God’s grace only, I managed to get myself out of foreclosure.
Oh well, I'm back up and running, and finding I have time to share with you everything I have worked on these past few months. Therefore, over the next few days, I will be posting pictures of things I have made.
Today, though, I need to give credit to a couple people for their generosity. Back on October 20, 2011, I won a fabulous giveaway from Me and My Sister Designs! The book is Sew the Perfect Gift and includes adorable handmade gifts by multiple top designers including Barb and Mary!!!!

The BEST part of this win was they BOTH autographed it for me!

I do have a couple projects I am making out of this book, which I will share sometime in the future! Thank you again, Barb and Mary! I love the book!
Next, I need to thank Doris from Threads of Conversation for choosing me during the Blogtoberfest!

I'm honored to be the proud recipient of the most talked about thread - Aurifil! 

 Sadly, I have not used them yet! Bad me, I know. My reason is if I fall in love I will not have anymore immediately to use! Plus, I am not sure if I use it if I have to use it in my bobbin as well...Anyone know?
Thank you again, Barb and Mary, and Doris for the lovely gifts! 

Ok, I'm done for today. Tomorrow I will post a few pictures of things I have completed during my sabbatical! I hope your Valentine's day was wonderful! 

♥ Tina

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