Thursday, February 23, 2012

"In the Garden" Guilted Tote

One of my favorite things since coming to blog-land is creativity among other bloggers. Since joining, I am so thankful to learn all the new things that I have. I even sense myself becoming more venturous and creative on my own.  Dorian, over at busily spinning momma, is one of the people who have inspired me to venture out of my little box. Her pattern 'In the Garden" I fell in love with at first site. As with any new project I take on, I was a bit intimidated. However, Dorian's directions were so easy to follow. I had very little trouble with all THREE bags I made!

I made this one for my mother's birthday!
My mother really liked it too! So, she and I made two more for her friend's daughter! These were the first projects my mother and I made together since I was a child of 10.


As you can see we altered them both a little to suit the girls who would be carrying them.

Often I come across tutorials and even patterns that are hard to follow and hard to understand. I do not like wasting fabric and dread taking out seams. Patterns are the most frustrating because I spend good money on them only to find that I really do not understand them completely. So, when I come across an awesome tutorial such as Dorian's I feel more competent and want to sew more!

Thank you, Dorian for the easy to follow tutorial!

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