Monday, September 12, 2011


     I know that I neglected to share my thoughts on 9/11, because I still have a shock and awe reaction. I'm typically am a person who deals very well with things... But, this day in history, will stick in my mind forever. The saddest part about not just this day. but every day is we have gone SO far from where we should be. You probably do not understand and, sadly, I do not want to go on with the details because it leaves such an empty feeling within me. To be honest, it also leaves such an anger within me because of many people's apathy to the world around them and the need there is staring us in the face every day.

      However, I did want to share with my fellow bloggers and friends something to honor our troops. Please click the picture below to see what you can do to help.

Another way to help our everyday world.

Thank you for looking. I hope these thinks can give you an inspiration to help our everyday world.

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