Friday, August 26, 2011

Where have I been... and more...

Well, I have been extremely busy lately. My foster sister was to be induced this week... and it turned out they changed their minds. We still trying to rack our brains to understand their point and so now we wait!

Last Wed. and Thurs. I moved my daughter into her dorms at CMU.  I'm so excited for her, but also a little nervous as well. I continue to hope she will make good choices for her future, but sometimes teens don't always use what we have taught them. I know she misses home because she's called me probably 20 times plus text me more than that! :)

And, finally, I am able to sit down and post on my blog after a 250 mile drive. I'm almost caught up on the blogs I subscribe to. :)

Ok, enough about me, as part of a giveaway we are asked to post a comment on our blogs promoting the giveaway! Mama Pea, Jana, a Quilted Fish Design Team member, and Julie, from the Intrepid Thread  are either picking, providing, or promoting this giveaway. AND, look what could be won!

Six gorgeous fat quarters! Aren't they beautiful?!?!?

So, head over to each, follow their directions, and put in your entries!

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Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

I just read the comment you left at Stitching by Starlight about me and was blown away by your generous compliments. Thank you SO much for saying such nice things about me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!