Monday, August 1, 2011

My Weekend...

This weekend was kind of hectic and I did manage to sew a couple of things.

Saturday and Sunday, I cleaned out my office to make more room for sewing. You see, I have my computer desk and stuff in the same room where I sew. The room is rather small (12' x 10') and it seemed when I was ironing the things I was working on, I would trip over the desk chair, iron cord, and so forth... I'm pleased with how I rearranged it, it's much more roomy and I can move around a bit better.

The things I worked on sewing this weekend.

For the little one due in September, I made this bib. It is from a fabric panel I purchased many years ago. I bought it because I thought it was adorable and now it looks ever better completed!!!  Anyways, it's sat around for a couple of weeks because I am not a hand sewer. Binding seriously frustrated me and when I've tried to put the binding on a quilt, I did not like the fact I could see my stitches! However, since I've started reading blogs about sewing and quilting, I have found a huge library of resources out there! So far, the best tutorial I have found for binding is by Jera from Quilting in the Rain. Her tutorial even has youtube videos that I had to watch multiple times. I believe I can sew any binding on without too many problems other than a sore finger tip (which I remedied too by buying a leather thimble) and a terrible tie off.

Next, I found this awesome tutorial, also by Jera at Quilting in the Rain, not long ago and printed it out. I thought it would be adorable to make for my mother for her birthday in November and my daughter who will be leaving August 18th for college. I made a practice one first and this is the end result.

Hers was much cuter. This was the first time I ever put a zipper in anything and, needless to say, I'm not very pleased! :( It's not Jera's fault at all, I'm just so new at sewing that I feel inadequate!! *grumbles* Anyways, I'm going to tear it apart to see how I can make it look more like hers... Zipper-wise.

Anyways, the end to my weekend consisted of my significant other being stung by bees while he was out mowing. He is better today and has some good swelling, but last night he scared me when it appeared like he was having a seizure. When I first found out he was stung I went straight to the medicine cabinet to get the benadryl and sent my daughter to make up ice bags and baking soda paste. Not much longer after that he had a seizure or went into some kind of shock... Upon reviving him, I tried to get him to the car to take him to the emergency room, but he refused. So, I tried to at least get him up the stairs and onto the couch and he wouldn't have any of that either. I sent my daughter next door to get our neighbor to help me get him in the car. While she was away, he blanked out on me again! I brought him back again and I managed to get him to the couch. My neighbor called another neighbor to see if he had an EPI-pen, which he did but was not home at the moment. After a while, though, the color started to return to his face and he became more coherent.  thank goodness for that! All the time I was in rescue mode and after the incident I became mentally and psychically exhausted. He's darn lucky, I was told, I was able to bring him out of his stupor. Many people who are allergic to bees begin to have breathing problems and so forth. The paramedic who stopped in told him he was very lucky because in his experience it doesn't really turn out as well because people wait too long to call for help.

Well,  thanks for listening to me and now I am off to go try to perfect my little makeup bag!  Thanks for visiting and I'll be back soon!

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