Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm "SEW" excited!

Recently, I purchase Atkinson Designs pattern Ca$h and Carry because I've been trying to increase my sewing skills.

Photo Curtsey of Atkinson Design

There are three 4 different little "zips" you can make in this pattern. I made the simplest and most basic. As you know, I recently tried to make another zipper pouch but it did not turn out very well. This pattern, though, was very simple for me personally to use and the end results I was very please with! I felt accomplished! I even started thinking how I could tweak the pattern to make larger ones, like the zipper pouch.

My practice ones.
The large one was the first I made. I was so happy with the results that I made the next size down, which actually is the same pattern as the first, just different cutting instructions. (I made a mistake on that one, but you can't see it. LOL!). And, the smallest of the three was made with the leftovers of the previous two! (The third was my idea, I felt bad because there seemed to be a lot of leftovers that I hated to waste.)

The next ones I made were for my daughter, who is leaving for college on Thursday. The orange and green colors are her favorite colors of the week! :P The orange one was made first and after making it I was so happy with the results, I just HAD to make another one! So, the next one (green) I put a decorative stitch on because the black seemed a bit overpowering on the orange one. I think the decorative stitch added seriously to the cuteness of the "zip". As you can see, I even added some iron on labels that I purchased some years ago from Joann Fabrics. I actually sewed them in plus ironed them because I was afraid they would come off.

I definitely will be making more of these and will eventually try to make the other two patterns once I become comfortable with the first two. I think I will make a ton of these to give as presents this Christmas. Lord knows I have enough fabric to make one for everyone in my neighborhood and family. :)

Thanks for looking!

**Disclaimer: I am not advertising for Atkinson Designs. I have not been approached by them in anyway to tell about this pattern. I simply bought it because I am trying to increase my skills with sewing. I provided a link to their website and the pattern because I wanted to ensure I gave credit where credit was due. AND, lastly, to  be clear, I will not receive any perk for posting it on my blog other than better sewing skills!**


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

They turned out great!!!

Crafty Newbie said...

Thank you, Maureen. I must admit, I was pretty proud *blushing*

Christina Marie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by on my page, and you are so very welcome... I hope this little trick will help!

Amber @ Quilted Euphoria said...

What cute little pouches! I've actually been thinking I needed to make a couple myself, thanks for inspiring me!

Your newest follower! :-)

Emily said...

really cute! You can always use a million little zip bags around! Saw you on We Did it Wednesday... really fun project!

Meream said...

Pretty! The orange fabric is LOVE. :)

Q @ JAQS said...

Love those! The color combos are excellent.

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