Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My amateur work ....

I began making this little cross stitch quilt years ago. I finished it when my mother was in the hospital for having a heart attack.

This is my VERY FIRST finished quilt it is designed with Amy Butler's fabric, it was the first fabric I fell in love with.

This is a bathroom spa mat, I made it out of actual towels I cut.

Pillow cases are very popular among teenager kids, especially when their name is embroidered on them.


Then, I moved to simple handbags. Actually, I would always buy a little too much fabric just encase i made a cutting mistake. Usually, I did not and used the rest of the fabric to make the handbags (or gift bags) to insert the pillowcases in. Some of the children used them as Bible bags on Sunday mornings.

 My friend, Julie, and I had some serious fun picking out the ribbons and towels for these projects. I found the pattern/idea at Sew4Home.

I just graduate with my Bachelor's degree and for my present I askes for my bedroom to be trimmed with oak and painted.  I adorned the walls with a panel designed by Debbie Strain's Day Dreams collection .

 I also made a matching valance that match my hand towels I posted above.

A few other quilts I have made. The first one was a quilt kit from Joann Fabrics because I'm not a big fan of cutting. The second is a very colorful one I made as a Christmas present for my daughter's friends brother who has Down's Syndrome. The third is a fence rail I made just because the colors looked nice. The last one was made for my significant other to take up north hunting with him in the fall.

I've also made various other things (like table runners, more pillowcases, small baby quilts, etc), which for some reason I never took pictures of.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!

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